KNUST, JULY 2-10, 2017


Ghana Pharmaceutical Students Association (GPSA) is a non-political, non-religious and non-profit making organization that represents pharmacy students and recent pharmacy graduates across Ghana. GPSA currently has a membership of over 80% of the pharmacy students in Ghana. Its vision is to be a body that represents world class students with a wide intellect base and sound social upbringing for the benefit of the future of Pharmacy. The association’s aim is to promote the future of the profession through continually improving the learning environment and providing a conduit for local and international interaction between pharmaceutical students, professionals, the general public and other stakeholders. Also GPSA aims at nurturing innovative professionals with critical thinking skills. In addition the pharmacy graduate and pharmacist must have a sense of solidarity with, and a willingness to co-operate with, colleagues and other health professionals as well as a professional identity and character consistent with high ethical principles. The association currently has 3 schools and we are in the process of rebranding the association to a federation in the books of IPSF.